About Me

Hi, my name is Jason. I’m a southern transplant, a homemaker, a musician, a writer, a would-be farmer… a jack-of-all-trades. I was born in the Deep South near a creek named for reptiles. In spite of my love of family and down-home cuisine, humidity and long summers quickly taught me I was northward bound. As a child, I traced lines on the map running from South Louisiana to Alaska and beyond, a smile beaming across my face.

Fortunately, rather than settling in the last frontier, I found myself living in America’s “Second City” where the climate suited me just fine. Though the culture and friends were richly rewarding, my rural soul soon longed for a horizon uncluttered by highrises and concrete caverns. So, I joined that group of select urbanites who often turn their tiny, IMG_4906urban apartments into farmsteads — canning fruits and produce, cultivating balconies and whatever green space can be found.

Recently, James and I finally relocated to our little bit of heaven on earth — a home nestled near a great, inland sea, deep dark forests, and rolling meadows. Our move has already changed a lot of things. I’m not entirely sure, but I think this blog will continue to be about discovering the connection between home and aspiration, the fine line between memory and imagination, the uniqueness of love between two souls set against the banality of everyday life, and (as always) the culinary escapades of someone who often has too much on his plate… yes, literally and figuratively.

I think life is a bit ironic in that we spend much of it walking past the things that matter most while in pursuit of what we think we really need. One of my New Year’s Resolutions back in 2006 was to stop doing that — to learn and experience things that interest me rather than put them off for that elusive moment often known as “when I have time”. Though all of this pursuit means a crowded schedule; loving, sharing, learning, expressing — this is what life is about. Making money, paying rent/taxes/bills… that’s just fodder for the bigger plot scheme. You’ve gotta have priorities in life.

IMG_1326 Standing Outside #5


The photo of me walking through the gardens near Buckingham Fountain in Chicago was taken by my older brother, Benji. The photo of James and I on our wedding day and the photo of me playing piano were taken by Harle Photography of Green Bay, WI.