Into The Woods

It really has been quite a year. Spring zipped by as it’s known for doing (there was even a wedding in there somewhere), summer was full of sun, fun, food-gathering, adventure… and now autumn is in full swing. Autumn – like spring – is fairly brief in the Midwest; you can never quite be sure when it’s officially here, but you most certainly can tell when it’s gone! Winter always supplies its own introduction and fanfare. Autumn, like spring, is the visitor you have to search for.


And so, after a busy summer and several months of anticipation, James and I are off for our autumnal vacation – a little retreat to a cabin in the woods where we’ll be setting up house for a little over a week. While there, we’ll be able to surround ourselves with all the Photobucketcomforts of autumn – the colors, the smells, the sounds – all without the impediments of everyday life and its routines that can so easily overshadow the beauty of this brief season.

Of course, there’ll be lots of cooking and good eating – the cabin has a full kitchen! So it won’t exactly be like Walden Pond! But we’re going to break out the oil lamps, cook over open flame, hike, bird watch – lots of rustic things, too.

While the cabin is a far cry from those stark cabins in the pioneer wilderness, it is without an internet connection. In today’s world that pretty well makes it the very epitome of rustic, right?!

I’ll miss sharing these tales of thyme and place with you during this time. While we’re away, I promise that I’ll be gathering lots more to share with all of you – new recipes, new places, new adventures.

(Top Photo: Our two sleepy babies, Marty & Ollie; Photo on Right: Hennepin Canyon in Starved Rock State Park, IL (2007); Bottom Two Photos: Newport State Park, Door County, WI (2006).)


~ by Jason on October 21, 2010.

3 Responses to “Into The Woods”

  1. these were so pretty
    So do yall take the kids when yall go to the cabin?

  2. I love the cats, especially when they are asleep.

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