Did you know if you use Apple’s iPhoto to upload photos to Flickr in order to post your pictures on the internet that you must NEVER delete those photos from your computer? NEITHER DID WE!!

James and I were attempting to clear some storage space on the computer, so we started archiving old photos — putting them onto CD and then removing them from the computer. So naive. Little did we know that iPhoto — genius software that it is — was synching my photos with Flickr. This means that any photos we removed from the computer were also removed from Flickr and therefore removed from any posts on Tales of Thyme & Place that contained them.

C R I S I S ! !

My apologies for the inconvenience if you’re trying to read a post and can’t see any photos. I’m trying to resolve the problem as quickly and as systematically as possible. Unfortunately, it’s a very manual process — each photo must be re-uploaded and re-linked. If you are trying to view an old post and the photos aren’t available, check back in a couple of days and maybe they’ll magically reappear.

That’s the bad news. The GOOD news? All of the recipes and other text did NOT disappear! Thank goodness for small favors, huh?


~ by Jason on October 10, 2010.

2 Responses to “Oops!”

  1. That REALLY stinks! You should only need to replace them into flickr though. The hyperlinks on your posts should not have changed. So if you do not rename any of the photos, they should resolve themselves…at least that is the way most html linked content works. If iPhoto was assigning individual serial or id tags, you’ll be SOL and need to continue manual labor. ~Best of Luck! ~Benji

    • I’m not exactly sure what the breakdown is, but when I re-upload to Flickr, I can see that some of the coding in the URL for each photo IS different from what was originally linked to a post — even in the case of photos where I’d not named them and they had default names like “IMG_0787”. Sigh… so, sadly this does mean that every one of them has to be re-uploaded and then each entry has to have the links re-entered with the slightly-changed coding.

      Uber frustrating. I can only get about 6 posts redone in one day. I’ve got about 45 more to go. Hoo-ray!

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